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Our Belief

Mallika Empire believes that the notion of culture as an asset, rather than a luxury is still a contested issue in many parts of the world. As a result, a significant part of the world’s cultural heritage is at risk, as other needs are considered priorities.

Through it’s initiative, in the form of a series of Coffee Table Books , Mallika Empire strives to be a catalyst for a better quality of life, through: the preservation and revitalisation of cultural assets; the reinvigoration of cultural traditions.

The Series

Globally and Nationally Books represent a central kind of cultural heritage. Thus, whatever is to be conserved, preserved and promoted must be documented. With this thought in the backdrop, began the journey of the series of Coffee Table Books ,each on a specific and important aspect of Indian History and Culture.

For Centuries, India has captivated the world with its rich history and tradition complemented with the sheer existence of a thousand languages and cultures within the country. For a culturally inclined traveller, India is therefore nothing short of a paradise, which we want to highlight through our Coffee Table Book Series.

Why a Coffee Table Book?

With the attention span falling each day and our fast paced lifestyle , to be able to share the richness of Indian Culture & Tourism with the masses, something more visual with a concise content was the way to go, thus , the Coffee Table Book Series.

A coffee table book is not necessarily timeless. It’s a challenge to create a timeless book if you have a time-bound subject matter. Having said that, in the development of books we strive to develop as iconic a book possible, within the segment. Especially in the design of a book we strive for timelessness.

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